Graveyard Gunner

This was a project for my Games Design 1 class. This was made by a three person team. I was the Lead Programmer and Level Designer on this game. It is a wave based shooter where the player needs to kill a certain amount of zombies before moving on to the next wave. Only one level with one wave exists right now. In this game the player has magic bullets and spells that they can use to defeat the zombies. There are normal, fire, and water bullets. Also, there are knockback, turret, and acid spells.
 I worked on the spawning the enemies for each round of   the game. Each zombie spawns from one of the   tombstones throughout the map.
 This script would spawn a certain number of zombies per   round at random locations every couple of seconds. So   the player never knew where the zombies were going to   be until they were there. 
 This is part of the zombie behavior script that controls   item drops from killed zombies. There were four types of   items that player could pick up; ice bullet ammo, fire   bullet ammo, mana, and health. 
 There was a one in six chance that an item will spawn,   with a one third chance of nothing spawning. It is   balanced so that the player has just enough to feel   challenged yet powerful during game play.
 Here is the design of the entire map. I placed the   tombstones evenly about so that not all the zombies will   spawn in one location making it too hard. There are safe   spaces on the sides and in the bottom center so the   player can gather their surroundings or escape a mob if   need be.    
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