Kitten Shooter Prototype

Kitten Shooter is a prototype made for my Game Design 2 class. I was a programmer on this project working with three others Jamey Collen (programmer), Jim Bove (designer), and Kenzie Lindgren (UX/designer). We choose from a list of design ideas that gave a basic premise for a game and created a prototype for it.
This game is a puzzle shooter game, where the player (a lover of cats) must take down the Anti-Catters by shooting cats at them to make them love cats. The player is able to choose from three different cats to shoot: a normal cat, a bouncy cat, and an exploding cat. Using the three cats the player must make it through the level before time runs out.
 The code to the left is the cat retrieval system we had. To   make the game a challenge, but not impossible we   created the cat retrieval for ammo.
 The player only has one of each cat (ammo) type. Once it   has been shot, the player must retrieve the cats before   being able to shoot it again.
 This places pressure on the player to conserve their shots   as they are on a time limit, and cannot waste time   waiting for the cats to return each time.
 Another part of the game I coded is the mini-map  showing which teleport location the player was at. This   helps the player remember where they have been in   relation to the whole level.
 Each of the teleport spots have a label that relates to the   key that needs to be pressed to go there. The blue square   turns red if that is the current location.
 We found that players were confused as to where they   were and were unsure of which areas they had already   checked out. This allows the player to see if they have   missed a section of the map.
Here is a screenshot of some gameplay. The player has just shot the fast cat to kill that enemy who moves in between the walls.
The next cat is automatically loaded into the gun so the player does not have to switch manually.
 This is another screenshot of some gameplay showing   off the bouncy cat (green). As the name states this cat can   bounce off of walls to hit enemies in hard to reach   locations.
 We included transparent walls so players can see what   they are shooting at. The walls are angled so that if the   player aims just right, they can hit that enemy after the   cat bounces off of the two transparent walls.
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