See You Later

See You Later is a 2D angled top down adventure game made for my Game Production 1 class at Bradley University. I was a part of a three person group with Maria Isabel Giordano-Scott and Griffin Kemp. I was the Lead Programmer and Level Designer.
Explore, clean, and collect in See You Later! You play as an alligator trying to save your friends in the polluted swamp. In order to save your friends you must navigate through puzzles and hazards. Chomp trash around you to clean it up and unlock more areas in the swamp. Collect hidden keys to access even more areas. After collecting enough friends, you will be able to unlock the last door and win the game!

Video made by Griffin Kemp

 On the left is one of the puzzles in the game. All the           water in the swamp is polluted and you are unable to       cross, yet there is a friend on the other side. 
 There is a button in the shape of a log the player needs to   walk over to make the bridge appear, but they have a   limited time to cross. The bridge begins to blink faster   and faster to convey to the player that it might disappear   soon.
 There was a movement based obstacle puzzle based   around crossing the dangerous water. The player has to   traverse lily-pads and floating logs to cross the large   pond. 
 Every so often the lily-pads flip over and are unable   to   be traveled across. To account for the waiting aspect of   this puzzle the time for the flipping is short and there is a   time where they are all safe.
 The logs spun around a center pivot point, so the player   had to time when to get on or off the log. The log in this   screenshot is a bonus path the player can take to get   another friend. This is harder then the path to cross the   water as they are taking a risk to get another friend.
 There were also hidden secrets within the game as well.   As the level designer I had a hard time figuring out the   perfect amount of hints to make sure the player was   aware these spaces existed. 
 At first I just included the line of rocks along the border,   which wasn't enough. I then realized with the trash   collecting aspect of the game if I put trash in the border,   when the player goes to collect it they will discover this   space.
 This is important as the area to the left needs a key to   enter. The other visual hints are consistent between all   hidden areas, so the player can keep a look out as they   explore.
 This was the script that controlled the flipping for the lily-   pads. I used two coroutines to time the flipping of each   group of lily-pads. When I first made the script each   group flipped at the same time leaving the player no   option to move safely. To fix this issue I added in a wait   time where all lily-pads are safe to use.  
 I had designed a puzzle that involved moving boxes onto   buttons. The main issue that occurred with this was that   while pushing boxes they could go through wall and go   through other boxes. You were unable to finish the puzzle   when this happened. So this code uses raycasts to check   to see if there is a wall or box on all four sides, and if there   is the box is unable to continue moving in that direction.
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