Star Stitch

Star Stitch was made for the 2020 Global Game Jam from Jan 31-Feb 2. The theme was repair, so in Star Stitcher you repair the constellations in the sky. 
Our game follows the player as they attempt to re-ignite the stars and stitch constellations back together after they were swallowed by an evil dragon. Players will learn about the stories behind many of the most famous constellations as they solve our puzzles​​​​​​​
Star Stitch is a VR game made in a team of five. I was a programmer on along with Luke Piazza(programmer), Matt Scriaba(programmer), Isabel Giordano-Scott(artist), and Selena Pappas(narrative writer).
You can find and play the game here at the Global Game Jam site.
In Progress: More to be added later
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