The Humaning Prototype

The Humaning was a prototype made for my Game Design 2 class. I was a programmer on this project working with two others Alex Cline (designer) and Grant Winter-Helm (designer). We choose from a list of design ideas that gave a basic premise for a game and created a prototype for it.
The player plays as a fish trying to capture humans on the beach using human bait as traps. There are three timed phases within the game, the first being the gathering of the traps. The player then moves up to the beach before the humans arrive that day to scatter their traps on the beach for optimal catching. Then the beach opens and humans arrive wandering the beach. The player can snatch them when they become attracted to the bait.
 This code is pulled from the person behaviour script. The   specific function shown is how each human reacts when   they get attracted by a trap.
 There is a case for each of the four trap types. A random   number is selected to see if the player becomes attracted   to the trap.
 If the become attracted to the trap a coroutine begins   giving the player a chance to grab the human.
 This a screenshot from the first phase of the game, the   collection phase. In this phase players must explore the   bottom of the ocean to find traps that they can use in the   next round.
 There are four traps to be found, and each correspond   work better on different human types. The player only   has so much time to gather the traps they want. 
 This what phase two of the game looks like. In this phase   the player is able to see who will be coming to the beach   today and then place traps accordingly.
 In the bottom left the player is able to see how each trap   works with each human. They must go around to each   trap location to place the trap.
 This is phase three of the game where the player must   catch the humans. After placing what traps they wanted,   humans will wander around and randomly be attracted   to traps.
 The player must notice when they are attracted by the   yellow circle that appears over their head. Then go to the   trap trigger and catch the human before they become   disinterested. 
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